Tropical Spa
The art of tropical well-being in Martinique

The Tropical Spa reinvents the art of well-being by inviting your body and your mind to live, in full awareness, a unique experience.
The particularity of this exceptional place in Martinique, allows you to reach a state of gentle relaxation and deep relaxation.
During your first visit, and many to follow, you will enjoy experiencing our “Tropical Break”, based on three pillars: hot, cold and rest.

For a complete benefit, let our team of certified professionals provide you with exclusive massages and treatments.
The flavors and textures of our skincare products, from exclusively Caribbean brands, add a sweet and pleasant exotic olfactory note.
Our goal: that you leave with a feeling of comfort and total peace! Find us in the heart of Hôtel Bambou, in Trois Ilets, in Martinique.


Find total peace of mind by abandoning yourself to the hands of our experts in massage therapy, well-being and aesthetics.
Our massages have been thought out down to the smallest detail, to offer everyone a moment of pure pleasure. They combine muscle relaxation, dissolution of tension, evacuation of toxins and awakening of the senses.
For maximum benefit, discover our complete collection of treatments to introduce calm and relaxation into your life. All our treatments are provided with the aim of protecting and rebalancing your beautiful skin, which is often put to the test.
Take care of your natural beauty, from head to toe, and she will thank you!


Each of our facilities has been chosen with the aim of providing you with all the tranquility you need on vacation.
•    A jacuzzi, to relieve the joints
•    A hammam, to promote the relaxation of your tensions
•    An outdoor swimming pool, to prolong your mental happiness
•    The beach, to boost your body
•    Cold showers, to improve your blood circulation
•    Sports cabins, to continue your meditation, yoga, pilates and bodybuilding activities in complete autonomy 
•    Many rest areas to allow you to contemplate the plant and marine nature, read a good book, doze off and find yourself with yourself